Inspired by her love of art and nature, jewelry designer Terri Schindler has created an earthy, ethereal and unique line of handcrafted Fashion Jewelry for both Men and Women. 

The Eye Gotcha Covered collection consists of an array of Leather Wrap Styled Bracelets along with Southwest inspired Accessories. 

Each one of Terri's personally handmade pieces are designed around the color or texture of a one of a kind gemstone including amazonite, jade, onyx, jasper & whatever appeals to her "Eye" then combines them with skulls, Buddhas, hearts, peace signs, and other intriguing silver or gold toned beads & findings.

Terri's alluring and finely detailed jewelry designs have been featured on Channel 7's Deco Drive and can be seen in several high-end stores in South Florida. She is passionate about her work and does trunk shows, private showings and custom designs upon request. Terri has also been known to donate her time & work to charitable causes. Her pieces can also be seen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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